Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blog Post #11
Ms. Cassidy is a first grade teacher for Prairie South Schools in Moose Jaw, SK, Canada. Ms. Cassidy has been blogging in her classroom and her students blog since 2005. She shares videos and podcast about what the students do inside the classroom. The students only use their first name and not their last name due to the fact that her videos are up on the internet for everyone to see. Her video Little Kids...Big Potential is a video that she posted that show the students blogging on computers, using their webpage, wikis, videos, and Skype. I think its amazing how they know how to do all this while in first grade. Ms. Cassidy obviously does an excellent job teaching these students.

The Skype Interview with Ms. Cassidy was very interesting because she talks about her methods that she uses while teaching in the classroom. One technique that I could use in my classroom would be for the students to blog at least once a week. I agree with her on why blogs are better because instead of writing on pencil and paper, write on a blog to have an audience who can give feedback. Since I will be a Physical Education teacher, I would have the students  blog at least once a week about what their favorite activity that we did in P.E. And also, I like her idea about having a blog for student athletes to let them know if practice or games have been cancelled. This would be big help for students and parents to keep them informed about whats going on with athletics.


  1. I thought it was amazing how the 1st graders could work all that technology so well too!Good post.

  2. " I would have the students blog at least once a week about what their favorite activity that we did in P.E. " Can't you come up with other ideas? I can! Try it.

  3. Here's a few benefits off the top of my mind that can come from using a variety of technology during P.E. By the way, I'm picturing small group centers or whole group.

    -If it's blogging, they will be writing and learning to express their opinions (their core teachers will appreciate that). There's about a thousand more benefits to blogging- summarizing, paraphrasing, editing, etc...
    -Learning while they're playing games.
    -Competition. I believe competition is important but not everyone agrees with me.