Wednesday, July 3, 2013

C4T #3

Nathan Horne is the founder of iPhysical Education: Inquiry and Technology in #PhysEd and is a Physical Education teacher currently based in Singapore. Nathan has a lot of connections through twitter and can be contacted through twitter @PENathan. His websites mission statement is "Pushing the boundaries of Physical Education in the 21st century. Highlighting best practice in Inquiry based learning and technology integration in Physical Education. To showcase physical educators who are at the cutting edge of their profession and inspire the #PhysEd community to improve the quality of teaching and learning in Physical Education worldwide." Nathan Horne's website is very useful for current and future PE teachers because it has a lot of different types of technology and resources listed that could be used for PE teachers inside and outside of the classroom.

Nathan's first blog post that I commented on is called Google Apps for #PhysEd - Forms for Record Keeping. This post was basically about using Google Forms to make it easier for keeping records and being organized. He shows a video on how to use the Google Forms. I commented on this post and stated that this would be very useful for a coach who is going through tryouts. Also, Nathan shows another video on how to connect to Wifi through a hotspot on a phone to an iPad.

The second post I commented on is titled Being a #PhysEd Role Model. This blog post stated that Physical Education teachers should be a role model in classroom, school, community, and life. Nathan states that teachers should want to have students remember their class forever. Also, he says that if you ask 10 adults about their experience in Physical Education that more than half of them will have negative memories about it.  He wants more PE teachers to speak out and be loud and proud for being a #PhysEd Role model. I simply stated that I agreed with him on PE teachers being role models. There are a lot of students that do not have role models to look up to, and since every student will take PE, then we have the chance to be that role model in those students lives.


  1. "I simply stated that I agreed with him on PE teachers being role models.' How can you be a role model? What will you do? What will you do differently than you have done in your EDM310 classes (then and now)?

  2. Kai,

    Nice post! I was one of those students who didn't enjoy PE but I think it was because it was first block and the rest of the day I felt grimy. Anyway, I hope you can be one of those "PE role models" and help instill a love of physical activity in your future students. Good lucks!