Sunday, July 21, 2013

Blog Post #16
I  am currently an equipment manager for the University of South Alabama's football team. The reason I am doing this is to put it on my resume that I have been part of Division I football program and also to build up my connections. I plan to be a Physical Education teacher and a head coach in football or basketball, and I think what I am doing right now will help me get further on in coaching.

The PE clases that I will be teaching will consist of Secondary Education classes. I plan on using project based learning in my classroom. Project based learning will help my students learn more by using their skills of creativity, and they will be able to work with peers to come up with bigger and better ideas.

Before taking EDM310, I never realized that technology can be used in Physical Education. After reading and commenting on other PE teachers blogs, I have found many ways to use technology in a Physical Education classroom. Using iPads, apps, blogs, videos, and podcast can all be used in my classroom because I have watched videos and read blogs on how they can be used successfully.

I plan on my classroom to be a place where the students can come in and feel welcomed. Instead of it being just a plain old regular classroom, I want mine to stick out to my students by having it filled with pictures about myself and about the school that I am teaching at. I want classroom to be the one that students look forward to coming in and having class.

Reading back on my first blog post assignment makes me laugh because of how I thought then compared to what I think now about me teaching. I stated that the tools I would use in PE would be courts, fields, and the classroom. Of course that is still true, but now (since taking EDM310) I have so many other resources or tools that I know I can use in my classroom. I can defiantly expand on that and include a SmartBoard, iPads, and many other tools or apps that I can use as a teacher. Looking back, I think it is amazing how much knowledge I have gained from taking this class.

Students will have the biggest role in my classroom. They will be the ones to do the activities and assignments that I assign to them, and how far they go with it is up to them. But I hope to drive them to be creative and learn to work together.

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  1. "... also to build up my connections" That is what your PLN is!

    "Before taking EDM310, I never realized that technology can be used in Physical Education." That really surprises me. But you are not the only one to say that!

    "...with pictures about myself..." Careful. Don't try to be the star!

    Glad you reached your goal!

    Video is repetitive. Change. That's what learning leads to.