Sunday, July 14, 2013

C4T #4


For our last C4T assignment, Dr. Strange assigned me to comment on Brendan Jones blog named Jonesytheteacher. Brendan is a guy who is looking for a way to mesh the future with today, especially in Physical education, and he also enjoys being outside. The two blog post that I commented on were titled Road Safety Film Festival and the other is Looking Forward, looking back.

The Road Safety Film Festival was about a project that he was going to assign his class. The project consisted of making a short movie about road safety issues. He decided to use this project through Tropfest, which is the "World's Largest Short Film Festival". The driving question that they were suppose to answer was "What are some important road safety questions that still need to be answered?" This post was written before he assigned to his class, so therefore he did not state his results until his next post which is titled Looking Forward, looking back. I commented on stating I that I thought it is a great idea for his class to learn about the road safety, and also that I wish him the best of luck to the project and hope it turns out to be successful.

Looking Forward, looking back is post about his school year that he had which is in the past and he learns from the past and looks forward to the future. Brendan describes how he was all about trying to avoid "spoon" feeding his senior class. Instead of making the seniors enjoy their last year of P.E. and making it easy for them, Brendan made them work a lot more than they should have. And he also describes the outcome of his Road Safety Film Festival project. He states that the project was a fail and says many things of the project went wrong. For example, the students wanted to record the short movie on their phone but the school had a rule that allowed no cell phones on campus. I commented by stating that when I start teaching, I do not expect everything to be perfect. I know I am going to fail at some things when I start teaching, but I plan to fix it the next time it comes around. I used some advice from my dad (a history teacher), which is to learn from my mistakes.

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  1. The Trppfest is worth exploring. I will do that.

    I disagree about "making it easy for them" just because they are seniors. Maybe that is not the message that Brendan intended to convey.

    Very good.