Monday, July 15, 2013

Blog Post #14

For Blog Post #14, Dr. Starge assigned us to make our own assignment for a Blog Post, and I have to say that I had no idea what I was going to do it on. But I happen to come across this video on YouTube called Technology in Physical Education (21:18). Watch the video and then summarize it. If Dr. Stange was to use this in his future classes, I would suggest that it be done as one of the first blog post for the P.E majors in EDM310.

 Helena Baret is an assistant proffesor at SUNY Cortland. She talks about tools of technology used in the classroom of K-12 grades. She bases her knowledge off a theory of Pedagogical Content. In her video she explains how podcast, video, apps, internet based tools, pedometers and accelerometer, heart rate monitors, and active gaming or exergaming are including in physical education. She also has her class create calenders and games that can be played like jeopardy.

I thought this video was great because Helena explains a lot of the technologies that I used for EDM310. She explains how podcast can be a very helpful tool for a substitute teacher, which I think is an excellent idea because you can have the class do an assignment and explain it without actually being in the classroom. Helena even brought up my app that I described in one of my earlier blog post (coach's eye). She even mention's one of my group members, Corey Waldon, application called ePortfolio that he found to use in the classroom. She also likes the idea of blogging in the classroom for P.E. because she likes to get the reflections of what the students learn. Another tool that she brings up is active gaming and exergaming which is for the students who are not as physically active. She explains that this active gaming helps the students enhance in learning and helps them increase their coordination.
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  1. "Dr. Starge assigned us..." Who?

    "But I happen to come across..." happened, not happen

    Excellent idea. I will add the video. I have not listened to all of it yet, but I will. I have listened enough to decide to use it. Thanks!

    I wonder where she is from. I think somewhere other than the US!