Sunday, June 9, 2013

Blog Post #4

Coach's Eye

iTunesA tool that I think could be very useful for when I become a physical education teacher is an app called Coach's Eye. Coach's Eye app was first introduced to me when I was reading from John Hahnstandt blog The Flipped Coach. After doing research on the app, I found this video on YouTube that explains what the app does and it is called Coach's Eye: Change the Game.  The Coach's Eye is an application that allows a student, or athlete, to record themselves while participating in an activity. After performing the activity they will then be able to break down the video in slow motion once they have finished. For example, if a student wanted to know how to throw a football more accurately they would record themselves with the Coach's Eye app, and then be able realize their mistakes and correct them. Lets say the elbow was to far out, the Coach's Eye app would allow the athlete to see that and then fix that on their next rep when throwing the ball. Here is an example how the app works:

The tool that I decided on is a Wii Fit program. Because I am planning on becoming a PE teacher I could use this program constantly. The Wii Fit program easily incorporates technology and a fun time into a PE class. Many students would prefer to sit around and play video games rather than move around and learn about sports and other things. If these students prefer video games over actually moving and playing games then they get the best of both worlds by playing a video game while being somewhat active. Another beneficial aspect of using a wii fit program would be assisting disabled children. If a child is unable to run. jump, or swing a bat they will now have a way of being active while also associating with other students so they do not feel left out of any activities. In this video it explains how the Wii Fit system helps children with dyspraxia learn to better stabilize themselves and not become as clumsy. Dyspraxia is disease that causes people to be much more clumsy than the average person and also affects their motor skills. Implementing a Wii Fit program into a high school level PE may be a bit pricey but the benefits outweigh the costs. The Wii Fit would not only elevate these students level of fitness but help their morale by making them feel much more normal and accepted. Also, what the students learn in the Wii Fit program could benefit them for the rest of their lives by learning how to exercise properly through the program.

Open School ePortfolio for Authentic Assessment
An ePortfolio is a collection of student work that is used to document effort, progress, and achievement over time. By using this student become more involved with their learning, goal setting and decision making. ePortfolio is a great tool for authentic assessment because it allows teachers and students to work beyond just multiple choice test.
Open school ePortfolio is a free tool designed to help students and teachers manage their portfolio process.  Teachers can use this tool to create projects and divide students in groups to complete them. There is also a way parents can login and get more involved with their child’s education. There is also an option where teachers can create a grading rubric. The rubric is readily available to students to give them guidelines to follow to achieve project goals. Students can complete projects and assignments by using text, images, and links. There is a goal setting option too, where students set their own personal goal and can follow their progress towards those goals. Open school ePortfolio has an easy grading process where submitted projects can be graded quickly by using the grading rubric. The tool also has an app where students can gain access from an ipad.
I will use ePortfolio to engage my students in project based learning. This tool gives me the ability to place my students in groups that would allow them to do cooperative learning. My physical education class will be based on integrating technology with physical education. I will post assignment s inside Open School ePortfolio and my students will have to read instructions that would guide them through all their projects. This tool would benefit my classroom because it would allow my students to do work outside of the regular classroom setting. If my students need to get in touch with me they could email me or leave comments. ePortfolio gives me daily contact with my students and I will always try my best to be available for them. I will give assignments that focus on health issues and why physical education is important. The group assignment will involve students watching YouTube videos and research on statics dealing with physical fitness and benefits of great health.


  1. Mr. Lopez,
    I think you have great blog here. You went straight to the point and explained what the coach's eye was. I think this app is a great tool that could be used in correcting mechanical errors in an athletes performance. Great video, good job.

  2. Well done. The inclusion of the video is very helpful!

    And C4T was useful!